[“Just being on cliffs. Even if I’m on the inside of the mountain I still feel like, ‘what if I just wheel the car off the thing?’”] It’s the fear of jumping, isn’t it? It’s not the fear of the height, it’s the fear of jumping. I have exactly the same thing. I’m that close I could just jump. It’s the same next to train tracks and things. It’s like when you’re on stage in the middle of a play, and it’s a children’s play, and sometimes your head just goes, “I could just say FUCK right now really loudly.” It’s the same thing. I find it very interesting. It’s your brain playing little tricks with you. [“See? You’ve got a nice smile but there’s a black heart beating in your chest, Kit Harington.”] (x)

Good morning (: giving my hair a break from extensions. AHHHH feels good!!! 😁😘💗

Good morning (: giving my hair a break from extensions. AHHHH feels good!!! 😁😘💗


Korean American Crystal Kay, who is of Korean and African descent is making a name for herself in Japan.

“Busy Doing Nothing” “I wanted to turn it into a loser boyfriend anthem — something we can all relate to, in a fun and playful way. The melody is so catchy. People would be singing along to it after hearing it just once.” - See more at: http://audreymagazine.com/add-to-your-rotation-the-music-of-japan-based-rbpop-musician-crystal-kay/#sthash.3kxz467R.dpuf

“The story itself should not be addressed as if it were a scandal, but rather what it is: A sex crime involving theft of personal property and the exploitation of the female body.”
— Scott Mendelson in a Forbes article on the leaked nudes (via maliathale)

But when Tatiana does get recognized incorrectly, as one of her many characters, she has a plan. “The next time I get recognized, I can say, ‘I’m not Tatiana Maslany, I’m a clone’ — just to blow some minds.”